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Explore Tulips in Emirgan Park

Tulips can be defined as a generally perfect love and it has its own significance based on the colors of the flowers. When we heard about Tulips, our mind immediately refers to the countries that known as the place of Tulips’ and Tulips was originated from these countries since centuries ago, which are Turkey and Persia. We heard that people wear tulips in their turban as Turkish tradition, this is one of the examples how tulips has a role in the local tradition. The glass with tulips’ shape would be the identity on most restaurants in serving Turkish tea. We could find many others examples about tulips but I want to share my stories while visiting the beautiful park in Istanbul.


We passed the smooth traffic in early AM to go to Emirgan Park, which is located in Emirgan neighbourhood in Sariyer district of Istanbul, Turkey. An early AM would the best choice of time to visit this park, in order to avoid the crowd while enjoying the beautiful of Tulips.

Emirgan Park itself is the historical urban park and it is one of the largest park in Istanbul. The park covers an area of 470,000 sqm with lots of interesting jogging tracks, beautiful ponds, historic pavilions and other factors, which are made this park popular among local people to enjoy their leisure time in this comfortable park.

The picnic area of Emirgan Park

When we arrived in this beautiful park, I had the easiness to breath in the fresh air, which created a comfort feeling. The existence of variety of floras, including Tulips, was made me feel blended with the nature. Then, we continued to explore the park by foot and enjoy the view. Definitely, we took some photos with Tulips as a background as well as the ponds, hills and an antique house.

Enjoy the beauty of TULIPS

In Emirgan Park, we could see various types of Tulips from the top hill until the lower area. However, we could not flexible to touch Tulips as the flower plots were restricted with nets divider. That was OK with me, as it would protect the Tulips from any damages. The thing was the nets divider would be exist in our photo with Tulips.

A bunch of Tulips in Emirgan Park

While stepping the pathway in Emirgan Park, we could see different colors of Tulips in both side, which ranges from the tulip that still buds until the tulips that have bloomed. Those were also organized and maintained in a proper way. If we looked straight, we could also see hills and trees with character. The view was very beautiful, as it shows the nature by nature. Therefore, we could still have a view during our rest from walking.

The convenient pathway in Emirgan Park

The pathway in the park was also convenience with the material of stone arrangement. The levels of the pathway was also consistent, which gave our foot steps comfortable.

The Beauty of White Pavilion

We continued our walk to the lower area of the park with the purpose of seeing and taking some photographs with the round shape organized Tulips. The combination of colors attracted us, which has seen from the upper area. The story has changed when we stand in front of that round shape Tulips. I changed my view to the other sides, which were the pond, small water fall, hills, pathway and the pretty of a white pavilion. Yes, this pavilion absolutely has attracted my eyes. At the beginning, I did not know that this was the pavilion. I thought it was just the classic house that has a function as a restaurant. Basically, that was true and I searched from the Internet for the in-depth information about the White Pavilion. The two-storey wooden building type with neo-classical style was built by Khedive Ismail Pasha. Currently, the mansion is used as a cafeteria during the daytime and a restaurant at night.

The beautiful view of White Pavilion, a Pond and a Pathway

My friend told me that previously the White Pavilion was used for the resting place for the Sultan. But, I did not know the truth about this fact.

The White Pavilion gave a life feeling when we see the pond with the White Pavilion as a background and combining with stone pathway as well as the hills. I felt like I saw the classic photograph in real life.

The Preparation Tips

The scenery from Emirgan Park

  • Do not worry about the entrance fee to the Emirgan Park because it is FREE. But it will be better if come earlier like before 9 AM to avoid the crowd.
  • The Istanbul Tulips festival would be the great time to visit the Emirgan Park because we could see the bloomed Tulips on that period. Since 2006, it is happened every April.
  • Even-though it was still cold during April, it would be better to bring sunglasses to protect our eyes from sunlight. The winter jacket is the must thing to wear during that period.
  • Put the lotion on into your skin will be the best way to maintain the skin moisture.
  • Avoid wearing the high heels but choosing the sneakers to walk conveniently in this park.
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the beauty of the places as well as the scenery.

Hopefully, this information can give the insight to you to visit Turkey, especially Emirgan Park. Thank you for reading.


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