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Review : Pure Rouge Blusher by LAKME 9TO5

Having a thin face shape is every woman in the world’s dream. Why? Because, usually a woman, who has a sharp face shape, will show a strong face character and there will be lots of easiness in applying the make-up. However, there are not all women have a sharp face shape and some of them prefer to form the shape naturally instead of engaging with surgery. I am one of the girls, who do not like to do some surgeries to improve my face shape. I like to do it in natural ways.

So, how can I have the sharp face shape without the surgery? Does it possible?

Shading would be the answer for the imperfection

By applying some dark shades in under cheek bones, jaw lines, the outer side of forehead and two sides of nose lines will shrink the face shape and strengthen some parts of the face. The combination of dark shade and the lighter colors will give the younger look impact because the dark color can hide the imperfection and the lighter one accentuate the best part of our face.

I used to apply shading as a contour to my face. The dark brown and beige color would be combined in sharping certain parts in my face.

You may guided the above picture as a reference to apply shading or contour in your face.


In this post, I would like to share my experience while using LAKME 9TO5 PURE ROUGE BLUSHER. This is my first pack after I could not find the Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder in numbers of Catrice displays. I reviewed Catrice Bronzing Powder in my blog and you may check through this LINK.
My first thought was …..

Doubtful! I never think that I am able to use a blusher as a shade.
The blusher color is …….

The color name in the packaging is “Rose Crush” but the real color is light to medium brown. But trust me, it is only happened in the packaging. The darker color will be out whenever I apply it in my cheekbones.

Swipe the blush color gently to avoid the strong dark color will be stay blocked in the cheekbones.

The blusher texture is ……

The texture is very smooth but when I apply it in my cheekbones, the color blocked in one area. It means that it did not blend naturally. The solution would be re-wipe with big brush gently to unite the blush color with the face powder.

So, can it be used as a shading or a blusher?

As the color is too dark as a blusher and it has a solid texture, then I decided to apply this as a contour. I put this blusher in above cheekbones, jawlines, a bit on my forehead and a thin line on my nose as it is and I blend them all.

How was the result?

The result is amazingly beautiful. My face looks naturally shaped and the color can stay for more than 6 hours. However, it depends on the skin type as well as the tones. At the end, I really depend on this blusher to be used as a contour / shading and also as a blusher. It can be said one pack for multi-use.

Do you have another technique to make your face looks more gaunt?

Thanks for reading!

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