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The Natural Look with Light Application of LAKME 9to5 CC Complexion Care Cream


Having a smooth skin with less imperfection would be the dream for most woman. Some women cover their imperfection with thick layer of cosmetics, such as foundation, concealer and other beauty products. That is good but if the coverage is too much, it will make your make-up crack at the end of the day.

What should I do to reduce the imperfection?

In this post, I would like to share my experience in reducing the imperfection on my face. I am not the professional make-up artist or the skincare experts, I just the ordinary person, who like to share the story of my experiences. I, personally, do not like to apply lots of make-up during my daytime routine. I prefer to spend my time on the skincare routine and do the less make-up but I still want the same result, which is make the imperfection not obvious. I know this is very challenging for me but this is the tips!

LAKME 9to5 CC Complexion Care Cream

LAKME 9to5 CC Complexion Care Cream

As I said previously, I prefer to use CC and BB cream rather than foundation for working, hangout with friends and traveling. I feel my skin pores still can breath if I use CC or BB. When I searched for CC cream that is able to cover my acne and my other imperfection, I tried to use LAKME 9to5 CC Complexion Care Cream. And I really love this product and I really want to share my experience to you.

What shade do I choose?

I choose the Bronze shade because it match with my skin color, which is medium-dark.

Bronze Shade of LAKME 9to5 CC Complexion Care Cream

What are my expectation when I bought this CC cream?

Actually, I get bored of using the foundation on daily basis as my skin pores cannot breath freely. I need the cream that is functioned as the make up base before I apply the face powder but this cream can also do some coverage on my imperfection. This should be my expectation while buying this CC cream.

My feeling on the first application

I applied LAKME 9to5 CC Complexion Care Cream by using beauty blender or by finger, which depends on my outlook expectation. If I want to have a glowing look, I will apply it by using beauty blender. And if I want to have a matte finish, my fingers will do their best in applying the cream all over my face.

I apply this CC cream in a light amount before applying the face powder and shading. To be honest, the result won’t come out during the 2 minutes after application. I used to leave the cream on my face for about 5 minutes until the ingredients are being absorbed into my skin. After the cream blend with my skincare products on my face, the result will automatically appear and I can continue with the powder application.

On my first application of LAKME 9to5 CC Complexion Care Cream, I feel very satisfy. Why? These are the reason ……

Skinny Tube of LAKME 9to5 CC Complexion Care Cream

Will I repurchase this cream?

Absolutely YES! As I live in the the tropical country, Indonesia, the thick foundation will lock my skin pores and make my skin hard to breath. The CC cream will make my skin breath more and my skin condition will be healthier.

Do you have any experience using LAKME 9to5 CC Complexion Care Cream? Please share with us ….

Thanks for reading.