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Get Healthy by Eating One Piece of Granola Cookies During Snack Time


Eat fast and act fast are the habits that face by most people who live in the busy city and do lots of hectic works. We have to do anything fast or we have left behind.

The fast pace behavior that we experience while living in the busy city make us think fast of whatever we do and consume. The things that we eat, drink and wear should be simple and flexible enough. We just thought that do not make those things become our barrier in doing our daily activities.

In terms of food, we cannot choose the unhealthy food because of the simple and flexibility reason. We must care about the healthy ingredients because we consume those ingredients, which could affect our body health for short and long term period. The thing that we should consider is the food formation instead of the ingredients to cope our busy activities.

Granola Cookies from Manerana Jar

Basically, I cannot eat heavy meals for breakfast or in the middle of meals. However, I like to eat snacks instead. Do I eat any kind of snacks? YES, at first, but I get back to consider about my body health. Then, I have started to eat granola as a healthy light breakfast and I eat it during the snack time. I know that it supposed to be light but I get full after eating granola. During breakfast, I eat granola cereal with milk or yoghurt. And I feel very energize to start my day.

During the daytime, especially if I go to work or doing other activities outside, I used to bring Granola Cookies from Manerana Jar in my bag. I used to eat this for my snacks. So, I don’t have to get worry of getting fat because of eating the healthy snack.

Why I choose Granola Cookies?

The first reason is the simple shape and easy to consume. It means that I can eat the Granola Cookies straight away without thinking how to consume or combine the granola with milk or yoghurt. Therefore, it is the simple healthy snack during working or busy days.

What are the ingredients of the Granola Cookies?

The ingredients of the Granola Cookies that I use to consume are :

  • Rolled oat
  • Almond
  • Pumpkin
  • Sunflower
  • Golden raisin
  • Palm sugar
  • Honey
  • Dark chocolate

What are the benefits of eating Granola Cookies?

I love to consume this Granola Cookies as it is a very healthy snack and I continue to maintaining my body health during eating the Granola snacks. There are many benefits that we can gain from Granola Cookies. What are they?

  • The high fiber ingredients of Granola Cookies make our stomach feels full for a longer time.
  • It has the important sources of nutrition, such as potassium, selenium and magnesium.
  • It has high nutritional levels, which make this kind of snack categorized as the healthy snack.
  • As the shape is in the cookies form, bringing the granola cookies is very simple and convenience.
  • This healthy snack can be consumed for breakfast, after doing sports or other outdoor activities.


What are my words after eating the Granola Cookies?

  • Get full after eating one peace of Granola Cookies – My first words are I get full after eating one piece of Granola Cookie, but I do not feel too full. I think this is because of the solid ingredients that contain in each piece of cookie, which make my stomach get full but it just right. It is very convenience for me as I still can do my activities after snack.
  • The solid texture of Granola Cookies – This solid texture makes me less worry to put this cookie in my bag. And when I bite the piece, the crumbs won’t scattered easily.
  • Eat healthy food and feel healthy – I have experience in looking the piece of Granola Cookies before I bite it. I can see most of all ingredients are being seen in one piece of cookie, which means we can get all ingredients in a piece. Actually, I have the trouble with my gastric acid and I should eat few foods in every 2 – 3 hours. This Granola Cookie gives the solution for my stomach.
  • Easy to consume – I use to consume Granola Cookies in a simple way, which is get it out from the packaging and bite it. Alternatively, we can also serve it with milk.

How to get more information about Granola Cookies?

You could get more information about the ingredients of Granola Cookies, the best way to serve it, purchase it and other things about this healthy snack by clicking the link below:

And Manerana Jar will help you to give interesting information.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Granola is a type of food that is generally made from a mixture of wheat, dried fruit, nuts. It seems good for dieting huh. Some of the ingredients for the granola will be steamed with honey and a little oil to make it crispy after baking. So I want to eat Granola.


    • thank you for the info, I am also trying to live a healthy life, but I don’t like granola, I have never tried it on my tongue. maybe because I’m not used to it. the spirit of healthy living


  2. I forget, have you ever eaten this granola or not, Ma’am Niken. But from Mben’s review, Granola is perfect for a snack, Ma’am. Can be taken anywhere. continue because of its solid shape, so it’s not easy to be crumbs. So want to try to enjoy granola with a glass of milk.


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