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My Facial Skin becomes Glow after using PIXY Dewy Cushion.True or False?


PIXY Make It Glow Dewy Cushion

Keep simple but still has the beauty look.

The above sentence would be the dream of most of women to get the beauty look with light make up. The beauty look means the look with less imperfection, such as uneven skin tone, acne and irritation skin. Usually, when my skin get into the imperfection, especially during my hormonal instability, I put layers of make up products that can give the perfect coverage for my imperfection. However, the thick layers of make up can lock my skin pores and I felt that my skin cannot breath easily. Sometimes, I have acne days after that application.

I know that my skin is very sensitive and this might different from your skin. Basically, I have a normal to oily skin type. But my skin is able to get irritated easily if the ingredients of cosmetics or skincare products are not suitable for my skin.

Then, I tried to find the best solution for my skin, which is get beauty with light ingredients of make up products and also with the simple way. To be honest, this is very challenging for me because usually the cosmetic with light ingredients give light to medium coverage.

What did I found?

Actually, my curiosity of this brand is very high, especially on their new cushion product. A lot of beauty vlogger talk about this brand and finally I decided to buy it. It is the Dewy Cushion from PIXY. I think this is the new product line from PIXY and it is very popular. I bought it from Guardian, the drug store in Jakarta, Indonesia. And I will talk about this product on the rest of my blog post.

What is Dewy Cushion from PIXY?

I found the information from their website and you can look at it in this LINK. This is the BB cream or liquid foundation that is store in the special sponge. It has a high closing power, which is able to minimize the imperfection in the facial skin properly, such as the black spots and acne scars. This dewy cushion consists Botanical Extracts, such as Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil and Yuzu extract. Those ingredients can nourish the skin from the inside and our face will look glowing as the end result. It also contain SPF 23 & PA++.

What did I think after reading that information?

To be honest, I get confuse. Why? As long as I know, BB cream and liquid foundation contains different ingredient. BB cream ingredients usually lighter than foundation’s. However, I do not know how it works with this dewy cushion.

What was my first impression on this product?

I like the packaging at first I saw the product. The copper colour gives the elegant look of this product, which looks like the premium product. The other thing would be my expectation after saw the writing in the packaging, which is “Make it Glow”. This is my impression before touching this dewy cushion.

Ok, let’s talk about the packaging. What do I think about the packaging?

The packaging is made from the solid material with copper colour. This made the lid is strong enough and you do not have to worry of spilling out. The size of the packaging  is small enough, which is convenience enough to put in the bag for daily usage. It has two levels that contain the cushion part and the sponge part. The thing that I am not comfortable would be there is no mirror inside. It means that we need an external mirror during the application. It would be better if the mirror has embedded inside the packaging.


The Packaging of PIXY Make It Glow Dewy Cushion

What shade did I choose?

PIXY Dewy Cushion has 3 shades, which are Light Beige, Neutral Beige and Medium Beige. As I have the dark skin tone, I use the medium beige shade, which is the darkest shade. The colour is match with my skin tone.

What can I say about this product after the application?

I already use PIXY Dewy Cushion for about a month. I use to apply this dewy cushion after applying facial toner, toning water, essence, serum and moisturizer. It means that my facial skin is already covered by the skincare products. During the first application, the product texture is just fine and it still can blend with the face powder. However, if I apply the face powder by using sponge, I can see my make up shade crack or those are not well blended anymore after 4 – 5 hours application. I was panic and stop using this product.

BUT, I know there is still the solution to solve this problem. I still apply PIXY Dewy Cushion after moisturizer but I continue by applying Face Shading and wait for about 30 seconds up to 1 minute by using the medium size shading brush. I know that the shade color will block your make up but don’t worry. After that, continue by applying the face powder by using powder brush. This would be unblock the shade colour and make all make up blend naturally. The overall shade still have the proper blend after more than 6 hours application. The glow is exist but in the medium level of glowing. Do not expect that your facial skin glow after the application.

In my opinion, the ingredients of each skincare products and make up are different, which can give different result. By practicing, we can get the same result by applying some creativity and different technique of application. So, don’t throw your make up, but do some experiments with it until you get the satisfy result.

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