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Review : Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser

Cannot be denied that most woman wear make up everyday for work, study and other outdoor activities. The skincare products have also applied every day and night to maintain our skin to be more moisturized, hydrate and absolutely healthier. However, we need to clean all the dirt from our facial skin, including the skincare products. The point is we need to let our skin pores breath easily and don’t let anything close the pores.

I use two types of cleansing products to clean my face in the morning and at night, which are solid and water-based types. The solid type is usually used as the first stage of cleansing to remove all make-up, dirt, cream, and other skincare products from our face. And the cleansing is finalized by the water-based cleanser. So, we make sure that our face is already clean from anything that can close our pores.

I have tried many cleansing cream and those products had different effect on my skin. Now, I want to use the cream cleanser that have a cold effect after the application. And I found it when I traveled to Hong Kong months ago.

POND’s Cold Cream Cleanser


POND’s Cold Cream Cleanser

Actually, I saw this cleanser on Youtube channels of beauty vloggers but I could not find it in Indonesia. I was very happy when I found it during my traveling to Hong Kong. And I decided to try this cleanser.


The first thing that I would like to share is about the packaging of this cream cleanser and what does the product claim stated in the packaging. It is the moisturizing deep cleanser and make-up remover. It is stored in the solid packaging material, which I think the material is made from the thick plastic. The lid is strong enough and we don’t have to worry that the cream will seep out from the bottle.


The texture of POND’s Cold Cream Cleanser in cute packaging

Product Texture

The texture of the product is very unique. It has a rather thick creamy texture with white color. When we applied it in all over the skin, it has the cold effect straight away.

How to use?

I think my way of doing cleansing same with most women’s. I put the cream in sufficient amount in my forehead, nose, chin, cheek and neck, which then continue spreading the cream in all over the face. I use to do massaging while doing cleansing. After 30 seconds until one minute, wipe the cream with facial cotton.

What are the effects after use?

After wiping the cream, I see the dirt left in the facial cotton. It means that this cream cleanser is able to remove the make-up as well as the dirt from the facial skin properly. Beside that, I have the cold feeling in all over my face, moisturized and also have supple skin.

BUT …..

If we wear the heavy make-up, Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser cannot remove the make-up in proper way. It means that we should finalize the cleansing by using the water-based cleanser. As I never wear a heavy make-up, this cream cleanser works fine to clean my light to medium make-up.


If this cleanser exist in any stores in Jakarta, Indonesia, I would love to repurchase as it has the cold effect and I need it to refresh the skin after cleansing.

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