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Water-Based Skincare Products for My Daily Use

How can we protect our facial skin from any ingredients of our daily cosmetics?

Personally, I don’t wear a heavy make up on my daily activities. I only use CC or BB cream, compact powder, blush on, shading and eyelashes. It is just a simple make up but I need minutes for the application in the morning.

Even though I don’t wear a full make up, I still need to protect my facial skin from the ingredients that contain in each make up. Usually, I start to apply the skincare products in all over my face after cleansing my facial skin in the morning and at night. In my opinion, these skincare products can be functioned as the make up base and cover the skin pores from the maximum amounts of make up’s ingredients and any facial cream.

Types of skincare products that I prefer to apply every day

Water-Based Skincare Products

I really like to have the fresh feeling on my face before applying the make up. This is one of the reasons why I chose the water-based skincare products to freshen my facial skin and give the extra hydration.

There are 3 types water-based skincare products that I can’t live without every single day.

  • Toner
  • Toning Water
  • Treatment Essence

Milk Brightening Toner from Secret Key (

Milk Brightening Toner from Secret Key

This is the facial toner that I used to apply in the past 2 or 3 months. I bought it in the pharmacy and I began to love this toner.

As stated in the packaging, this toner is intended for all skin types. It contains a milk protein extract :

  • To gently exfoliate the skin and help restore the skin’s natural oil and moisture balance.
  • Transforming lack luster skin into a clear and bright complexion.

The packaging

Actually, the packaging is like any other toner packaging. It is packaged in the 248 ml plastic bottle with a simple lid, which easy to be opened. It means that we need to be careful if we put it in the bag or in the luggage as the toner liquid can spill anywhere.

The product texture

As it contains milk protein extract (97%), the liquid looks like the milk or a light milk. It is very liquid with no thickness at all.

How to use?

I simply apply the facial toner in a cotton pad, then I sweep gently over the facial skin and neck after cleansing the skin. I used to wait for about 30 seconds to 1 minutes until the ingredients are being absorbed into the facial skin, then I continue with next skincare application. I use this toner twice a day, morning and night.


After I apply this toner, I feel very fresh on my facial skin, moisturized, healthier and also hydrate. I feel my skin ready for the next skincare treatment.

Light Toning Water Moisture from Muji

Light Toning Water Moisture from Muji

To be honest, I really like this toning water. Actually, this is my first never ending bottle and I will repurchase it.

Why do I love this toning water?

OK, previously, I get the result of even skin tone and healthy skin after I used SK II Facial Treatment Essence. Unexpectedly, I have the similar result after applying Light Toning Water Moisture from Muji. I amaze but it happens on my face. This is the reason why I never skip applying this toning water.


The toning water is stored in 400 ml plastic bottle. The lid is strong enough and protect the toning water properly.

What does it say in the packaging?

It is the skincare product that made from natural water from Kamaishi area in Iwate prefecture. It gives the moist to the skin and also freshen the skin.

How to Use?

In using the toning water, I used to put the liquid in my palm and wipe with two hands. After that, I dab all over my skin and wait until it dries and absorb into the skin. I usually it every morning and night as my skin protection.


I really have a full satisfaction on this toning water because it can moisturized my skin, make my skin looks healthier and it also able to blend with my make up naturally.

Renew You Treatment Essence from Wardah

Renew You Treatment Essence from Wardah

I am counted still new in using the Renew You Treatment Essence from Wardah. Basically, I was looking for the facial essence that has the water-based formula. Then, I decided to try it.


Basically, the packaging is like the regular packaging for facial essence. It is stored in 100 ml plastic with a tight lid.
What does it say in the packaging?

Advanced RecoverAge System with apply (Molus Domestica) Stem Cell Extract.
How to Use?

I apply the essence like I apply the toning water throughout my facial skin. I put the essence into my palm. Then, I apply by tapping gently onto face and neck. I wait again until it is absorbed into the skin.


I only have the fresh feeling after applying the essence.

My Overall Thoughts

Applying the skincare before make up is very important as it can protect our facial skin from any ingredients on our make up and other skincare products. I prefer to use the water – based skincare products to make our facial skin look fresh, hydrate as well glowing before make up application.

Our facial skin will have the healthy skin condition even though we use proper or heavy make up everyday.

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