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My Emirgan Park Article has been PUBLISHED!


Tulips in Emirgan Park, Istanbul, Turkey

Traveling would be one of the factors that can get rid of the bad mood and change it to the best mood ever. Actually, that works well for me. I need traveling every year just to refresh my mind and I also be able to see the other beauty of the wold.

I already posted this article with the title “Explore Tulips in Emirgan Park“, where I wrote about my satisfaction in enjoying Tulips tapestries in Emirgan Park. I also described my convenience feeling while stepping in this beautiful park.

I won’t repeat my story about the Emirgan Park but I just want to share my happiness to you. My article with the title Melihat Indahnya Tulis di Negara Asalnya has been published in The LINK can be seen in HERE. is the news portal, which consists the information about the news, finance, travel, entertainment, food, health, automotive and other updated information.

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As this portal contents are in Indonesia language, my article is also published in Indonesia language. However, the contents might be similar with the article that I already posted previously.

I really appreciate this publication and this can motivate me to write more about traveling and also beauty content. I also plan to have the beauty and travel vlog soon. If you have any topics, places, issues and other thing related with beauty products and travel, please do send me the message.

Thank you for reading.


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