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Review – Olay Total Effects 7 in One Night Cream

As we get older, we need to do the extra treatment to our skin, especially our facial skin. We do not want people to look at us by staring because of wrinkles occurrence everywhere in our face, right? But, we obviously need an extra time to do the skin treatment routine in morning and also at night.

Honestly, this would be also my challenge. After doing work for hours every day, I just do not want to spend extra minutes for skin treatment but I just want to go to bed as soon as I can. It is like I do not want to waste my time for the treatment routine. Instead, I just wash my face with my cleansing cream and cleansing foam and go to bed. And this is very WRONG!!!!!

Previously, I was very diligent in removing make up with 3 types of cleansing products, which are cleansing oil, cleansing cream and cleansing foam. I continued by doing a more than 7 skincare routine. That was happened every day. The result is my skin was very well groomed, hydrated, moisturized and also glowing. This lovely result was not diminish quickly though I was not do the complete skincare routine months after.

Then, as time goes by and so much busyness, I tend to cut the skincare treatment steps. After working, I just clean my make up by using cleansing water, cleansing cream and cleansing foam. That’s it. However, I feel that my skin is not well – groomed and I decided to go back to many steps of skincare treatment. This includes the using of night cream product.

Why do we need to put the NIGHT CREAM on every day?

The following answers are based on the insight that I get from my friends’ input and also from the sources on my desktop research.

The skin is able to absorb active ingredients better at night time than the day time.

In my opinion, this is very make sense, as at night we just apply the skincare products in all over our face and go to sleep. It means that we won’t get irritated from any pollutions and other dirt. This can make the night cream works in maximum level with less distractions.

The skin’s cell regeneration power is higher during night time

I think this is still related with the previous point. As we have less distraction into our skin pores, the skin’s cell regeneration will work maximum.

The night cream is able to nourish our skin as well as repairing the damaged cells

I think the whole points is related. At night, our body, mind and also skin have a rest, which means less distraction can affect ourselves from head to toe, including our skin. By applying the night cream, our skin is being nourished, the damage cells can be repaired and be renewed.

There are still many benefits using night cream every day, such as:

  • Hydrate our facial skin. The night cream is able to give the moist on the dry parts of our face.
  • The night cream can soothes our facial skin.
  • The skin texture will have a finer skin texture
  • The night cream can help to have a better blood circulation
  • It make our skin feel soft and supple
  • And other benefits that you may feel after applying night cream for a period of time.

OLAY Total Effects 7 in ONE Night Cream


The elegant packaging of Olay Total Effects 7 in One Night Cream

To be honest, this bottle is my first bottle trying this night cream product. My friend and I bought this products from the online store that was happened conducting a sale for some products, including this night cream. Then, I decided to tried it on as I ran out of the night cream that day.

What is Olay Total Effects 7 in ONE Night Cream?

To get more information about Olay Total Effects 7 in ONE Night Cream, I began to search from Olay website ( It is said that this night cream provides total anti-aging to our skin by combining the ingredients, such as vitamin, antioxidant and wheat protein. Those ingredients can moist our skin, skin tightening, freshen the skin and make the skin look younger every morning. This night cream is the intensive cream to regenerate our skin while we are sleeping.

What are my first impression?

The packaging was got my attention. It was stored in a very thick plastic material and it is covered by a thick lid. To prevent from spill out, there is another simple plastic lid inside the main lid. The elegant was on my thought when I saw the packaging and the premium product was my next thought.

What can I say about the product texture?

Generally, the night cream texture may thicker than the day cream. It works for Olay Total Effects 7 in ONE Night Cream as well. When we take out from the packaging, it is kindly hard to pick it up. However, the texture won’t stay thicker during the application in all over our skin. The texture becomes soft and the cream’s ingredients can be absorbed into our skin very easy. And the formula does not irritate my facial skin, which means that the skin pores can breathe freely.

How to use?

These steps usually work for me during my daily skincare routine.

  • Remove dirt from our facial skin by using cleansing cream, cleansing water and cleansing foam.
  • Ensure that our skin is already clean by wiping our skin with facial toner.
  • Tap the toning water in all over our facial skin and neck.
  • Don’t forget to tap the facial essence in the same area as the toning water application.
  • Apply the frankincense from Young Living as the serum replacement.
  • Lastly, I apply the night cream.


I am still not sure because this cream last very long time as I apply only a thin layer every night.

Hopefully, this review gives you the insight before buying the night cream. Thank you for reading.

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