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My Experience Staying at Kerta Family Bed and Breakfast

Being loved and being peaceful would be two of desired feelings that most people have dream of. Sometimes, we cannot have them from our close relatives but they are delivered from our our acquaintance who have the same tone with us. Don’t be sad if the reality is not the same as our expectation. It happens to me several times, but it actually the way to understand me better.

Being peaceful …….

This feeling is always my desired thing that I need to have 24/7. To be honest, I could not have it in Jakarta, as this city is too crowded to be peaceful. The people’s attitude is also too rush, which is too far in getting the peaceful feeling. Then, I decided to have a short staycation to Ubud, Bali with my cousins few months ago.

Why Ubud?

For me, Ubud is a part of Bali that has a calm atmosphere, green environment, polite attitude of local residents as well as from foreign tourists. and there are a lot of meditation places with the natural view. I really need those situation with no political issue, less pollution, zero rushing period and great attitude from local residents to refresh my mind and my mood before go back to Jakarta and doing my routines.

If we stay in the local residents’ area, we can get the quite atmosphere and sometimes we can hear the local musical instrument until night if there are any events.

Where did I stay in Ubud?


The terrace in front of each room

We stayed in Kerta Family Bed and Breakfast. It is a villa type with only 4 rooms have offered, which is categorized as a private villa. It is located in the local residents’ area, which took about 25-30 minutes to the Ubud Centre.

Kerta Family Bed and Breakfast

Jl. Raya Kemenuh, Kemenuh, Kec. Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582

Why did I love this place so much?

  • The owner of this inn, who is Pak Kerta and his family, is very friendly, polite and easy going. They can make us very comfortable and safe. They treated us like a family.

We were with Pak Kerta and his family

  • The villa’s environment is very cozy. When we walked through the front gate to the inside of the villa, we can see and feel the nature blends with the rooms. Each room is not side by side but it has the nature surround like the trees, a small river and a water fountain in the river. Therefore, each room will have the same atmosphere and facilities.

The nature feeling in each room

  • The price is very reasonable, if compared with the services that we can get while staying there. With only pay IDR 275,000 per night (the price might differ based on the season you book the room), we can get the comfort room and a simple breakfast (3 slices of bread with jam), coffee or tea and varieties of fruits. This breakfast is enough for me.
  • The room is very large. I actually stay in the family room by myself that contains 2 queen beds, a sideboard, a hanger and a big bathroom with shower. The bathroom’s feel is very natural, which we can see the leaf go through the cubicle and there were the stones as a shower based. Other room might be smaller with one queen bed, a bathroom and a table. All rooms are very comfortable for short and long stays. I will come back here for some times to do my vlog and blog.
  • If we need the transportation to go somewhere, we can ask Pak Kerta and Ibu Kerta and they will give the solution. Our experience is we can ask them to take us to the place that we want to go to and pick us up and we only pay them for IDR 50,000 per trip. This is a big solution for me.
  • Kerta Family is also provide tours to visitors. We did not get a chance to take the local tour because a tight time. Next time I will order the local tour to get in-depth information about Ubud culture, nature and Ubud’s life.

Overall, I really satisfy stayed in Kerta Family Bed and Breakfast because it beyond my expectation. This villa would be the best alternative for short and long stay. Even-though, there are only 4 rooms available, we can contact them and get the solution in terms of staying.

Ok, I will be back with the story of my experience in Yoga Barn. Thanks for reading.

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