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The First 3 Things To Do After Coronavirus ENDS

What is happening right now is very worrying for all of us around the world. It has started with flood in lots of areas, especially in Indonesia on 1st January 2020 and it spread to numbers areas after the next period. Many people had express their feelings facing this disaster, which were sad, worry, blank or even full of anger. But, we can’t do anything but pray.

After that, it continues with the appearance of COVID-19 disease or it is popular with the name of Coronavirus. This virus spread in hundreds of countries around the world and this is very sad. It becomes a global crisis because even though many people have cured, a lot of people cannot be helped. And lots of business are pending and some of them are closing down. Hundreds of people lose their jobs. This situation becomes very serious because it relates with people’s life, physically and mentally.

Coronavirus has teach us to ….

  • Be thankful on what we currently have.
  • Care about ourselves, physically and mentally.
  • Care to others by send the empathy through donations, giving foods to those who need it, and other support activities.
  • Brave more to stay at home for more than a month and do the activities mostly at home.
  • Bond with families and relatives.

The most desired things to do after Coronavirus ends

We can feel sad about this situation but it should not dissolve into sadness. We need to help ourselves to survive from facing this disease and support others with the same reason. Meanwhile, we can imagine what we will do after Coronavirus ends. The things that we cannot do right now or the new things that would like to explore more. It depends on how we need to protect our mind and soul.

My 3 desired things

This is me in Yarra River

Honestly, my top of mind is going to Melbourne, Australia after Coronavirus ends. Why Melbourne? I lived there for about 4 years after staying in Sydney for about 1 year. I used to go for holiday to some cities in Australia, such as Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Hobart and other part of this country. This is actually the main reason why I need to go to Melbourne if the situation is already safe and stable. This city is actually my second home because I found lots of peaceful thing that I can feel, like feeling safe, secured, be valued, happy, and I can dress up whatever I like without any staring eyes surround. The point is I need to protect my body and soul after facing the uncertain factors.

My view during morning exercise

The second desired thing is doing the exercise more. Actually, I am registered in Fitness First, which is the gym center in Jakarta, Indonesia. I used to do the exercise every Saturday and Sunday, but if the hectic activities have appeared or my body does not feel so good, then I become so lazy to go to the gym. The Coronavirus disease teach me on how to exercise easier and healthier. What is that? Walking under the sun. This is so easy and I become to love this exercise. As we need the sunlight to boost our immune system, I began to walk around my apartment for about 2 KM at around 10 am in the morning. It takes only 20 – 25 minutes. However, I add some minutes during weekend. So, be grateful and be thankful for anything around us.

The bottle of rice and sugar for people who are needed

My third desired thing would be change my buying habit. This is my challenging part. Actually, I don’t do shopping much but I like to shop anything that I need. As the example, my hobbies are blogging, vlogging and photos. When I check the online store, I really want to buy the items to support my blog or vlog production. Tripod, lenses, smaller cameras, mobile phones with better camera’s quality, background stand and other items that are flying around my mind every day. Now, I realize that there are alot of people lose their jobs and starving for foods, and I began to share my empathy instead. What is that? That will keep in my dairy journal.

Keep Pray

Now, the best thing to do is praying. We never know what will happen in our next second. Please share your version of the “First 3 things to do after Coronavirus Ends in the comment box“. Thank you for reading.

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