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“Finding a Home” Series

A home does not mean the place that we are staying at. A home for me means the place that we can perform in our life naturally with the best feeling of safety, comfort, and happy.

This article is the prime article about “Finding a Home” series. I make this new topic in my blog and I wish it can help you to get the ideas and big pictures in running our life happily.

It is about finding a home to live life as a Digital Nomad. A home means the place that gives people comfort, good security, good ambiance from place itself and also from the people who lives within the area. The “home” feeling can give people the power to broaden their opportunities in their relationships, career, health, education and other things that we cannot guess now. But, they might be in that place without us knowing.

Our Countries’ Situation

We can see that there are a lot of things happen around the world until today, such as the demonstration in some countries, natural disasters, and Covid-19 or Coronavirus that is still increasing in numbers. This situation gives the challenge for economic movement. A lot of companies apply the salary reduction, layoff, business unit reduction, and other actions that aim for the company’s survival. It means that there are many people receive less income or even lost their jobs.

However, behind that, I saw the change in daily lifestyle, which direct to the opportunity of a new way on a working style. I am talking about the working online. There are a lot of people who already did the working online style from years ago and they are still enjoying it until today. And now, almost all people are being advised to work online for their safety, health and survive in their life.

Not only that, there are a lot of people are choosing their way to work as a Digital Nomad. What is that? If I look at from Wikipedia, Digital nomads are a type of people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living, and, more generally conduct their life in a nomadic manner. They can work everywhere remotely in foreign countries, cafés, restaurants, public libraries, co-working spaces, and other places. This type of work gives the flexibility. And I choose to work as a Digital Nomad since June 2020 for the flexibility and the creativity reasons.

The reasons I write this series

I am interested to share some information about the cities or countries that might offer the “home” feeling to continue our lives, such as the information about the countries, visa requirements, and other related information. I will not come out with the best city or country for live or for working outcome, because the results might be different based on each personality. However, I will give pros and cons in every place. So, you can decide based on your preferences.

Currently, I am doing some research on the first country. I will publish the story it in following days. If you have any ideas or requests on any cities or countries, please let me know and I will do some exploration and write down for you.

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