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Finding a Home |Which Way to go to Estonia?

Having a peaceful walk in a not so busy street with a view of people do their own activities, such as in a rush to go for work, busy in pulling the grocery trolley, reading a piece of paper and try to remember those for exam in about one hour and other interesting activities that usually happens in a peak hour. Every footstep that I take means breathing the fresh air that blown by the fresh breeze. Looking up with the blue sky view and looking down with a clean pathway.

It can be said that it is so peaceful. And those are my biggest dream for my future life. Clean air, less up to zero pollution, friendly and polite people, enforced regulation and safe environment are the factors that would like to to have in my life. Those are not easy to get because those should be combined with the ‘need’ factors for life.

The Beauty of Estonia (Photo Doc.

Estonia is one of some countries that I keep my eye on because I am interesting to get more information about this country. At first, I event don’t know where is this country located in the map. But, after I do some research about the life and culture in Estonia, I really amaze and I will go there if I have a chance. Prior visiting this country, I write some articles to remind me the things that I should prepare. You may check my article in below:

Which way allows us to go to Estonia?

This is about the route to go to Estonia. Basically, it is according to people preferences or it depends on the airline that we are chose. Each flight have the different route and of course it will be different transit city. I will share the way according to my preferences and I welcome you to share your preference to go to Estonia. During the pandemic of Covid-19, there are some travel status update of Estonia that might be important for traveler and those information can be seen in Visit Estonia website.

Via Arlanda Stockholm, Swedia

Arlanda Stockholm Airport (Photo Doc.

I will choose the Stockholm route for my Estonia trip as my first preference. When I search for the flight, there are 4 major airlines that offer the flight to Stockholm, which are Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Etihad and JAL. Actually, there are also other airlines that offer the route but I prefer one of those four. The duration are varied from 18 hours up to 23 hours that depends on the transit’s duration. Some of the people like to spend their time for shopping during transit, so they will consider the transit city to be one of their preferences. If I look at the list, the transit airport would be Hamad International Airport, Istanbul Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Narita International Airport and Helsinki Airport. Back again, it depends on the airlines.

After exploring Stockholm, I will travel to Estonia for my next fun destination. There 4 ways of transportation that I can choose.

  • By Air from Arlanda to Tallin (Approx. 2 hours and 25 minutes).
  • By using Car Ferry (Approx. 15 hours and 45 minutes)
  • By Bus (Approx 45 hours and 55 minutes)
  • By Car Ferry and Drive (Approx 27 hours and 41 minutes)

However, we should double check the route due the pandemic cause.

Fly Straight to Tallin, Estonia

Tallin, Estonia (Photo Doc.

Another option is go to Tallin, Estonia straight away without exploring other city in advance. The flights could be from Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Etihad or Air Baltic. The flight’s duration may vary from 22 hours up to 47 hours. For me, it is such a long flight and it is gonna be bored sitting in the plane and in the transit area. Even though, the transit airport could be Singapore Changi Airport, Frankfurt Airport, Hamad International Airport and Helsinki Airport, the traveling duration is too long for me.

So ….

For having some traveling experiences by tasting different environment and challenges, I would chose the Arlanda Stockholm, Sweden entrance to go to Estonia. The flight duration may be shorter or even the same but I will get more experiences if I chose this way. Please do share your stories if you have any other options to go to Estonia.

Thank you for reading.

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