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My 1st Vlogging Experience in Perth, Australia

Who needs a holiday? Who wants to travel to local destination or overseas? I do and always do. But, we still have to wait until the corona virus or Covid-19 leave the world or we have got vaccinated. Right now, we need to concern about our health and our new habit, including choosing the right place and the right way to travel. As the increase number of people got infected of Covid-19 virus, I prefer to stay in Jakarta, Indonesia and focusing on my blog and my Youtube channel. Hopefully, I could get larger amount of subscriber and watch hours by posting content regularly. So, please subscribe my Youtube Channel (Niken Seka Martini) and watch my videos to motivate me in producing another video. Most of my video are in Indonesian language. Please let me know, if you need me to translate it to English.

I already made some videos previously and those are usually talk about product review, traveling, make up, skincare and lifestyle. And the video that I would like to show you is about my first experience in vlogging. It was in Perth, Australia, when I did a solo traveling in 2017. It was a long time ago but I still want to edit the video in proper way so I can always remember some shocking experiences during vlogging. Yes, I still shy, confusing when people were around me and also shaking when handling a selfie stick.

Perth, Australia

I chose Perth because it was close to Jakarta, Indonesia. It was only 4 to 5 hours direct trip and the weather was not so cold like in Melbourne or Sydney. My first impression when I arrived at Perth Airport was confusing. Maybe because it was a Good Friday, so the public transportation was limited. Then, I took a cab to my hotel, which I never do this during traveling because for me sitting in the cab during traveling was less challenging. The cab driver was less polite and I felt uncomfortable.

Walking Around the City

Usually, I just stay in the city in the day of arrival. It means that I did not have too much walking after a long flight. It would be better for our stamina. I stayed in Pensione Hotel Perth, which is located in 70 Pier Street 
CBD Perth. I really like to stay at this hotel because it was near to the tourist destinations and stores.

I walked along the ‘not so busy’ street as it was a Good Friday holiday and most of the stores were closed. I started by having my lunch and a cup of hot coffee at Mc Donald’s. Then, I continued to walk while looking at the old building that are well maintained.

Mc Donald’s at Perth City

I stepped in the stairs that goes down into the lawn of the Supreme Court of Western Australia. It was very green and comfy for people to walk around or just sit in the chair or even in the grass. The clear blue sky with the birds were busy flying around and clear air were the best atmosphere that I love. I continued walk towards to the Bell Tower, the area behind it and to the Swan River. Sitting around while watching people exercised before continue walking back to the hotel.

The Bell Tower, Perth, Australia

The things that I love about Australia are the people are so friendly and they always welcome to all people politely. The next thing is the weather and less pollution. I always feel so healthy when I lived in Australia. The third one is the regulation and the last one would be the beautiful well-maintained old building. Basically, I love everything about Australia. It is the reason why I always comeback to that country for holiday.

The detail of the story about city of Perth will be shown in my video. Once again, please inform me if you need the Indonesian translation to English. I will translate it for you. Thank you for reading and watching.

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