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Get the Historic Feelings in Freemantle, Western Australia

This is my second part of my traveling vlog. It is still in Perth but now I stepped aside a little. I stepped into the Fremantle area. I was so excited because there were many tourist spots that I could visit and absolutely the instagramable spot for a photo session. And don’t for to eat fish and chips while in there.

I traveled to Fremantle by train from Perth city for about 55 minutes to 1 hour. It was a very quiet train but safe enough for a solo traveler like me. When I get out of the train, I get through some shops, cafes, and restaurants. I did not stop because I preferred to go straight to the places that gave some historical value to me or other more interesting places instead of shops.

The first stop was a restaurant nearby the Fremantle Market because I was very hungry and I wanted to eat fish and chips for my breakfast. I was selective in choosing the restaurants or cafes, regarding the cleanliness, the crowd, and the menu itself. I forgot the name of the restaurant but I can say that it offered a great taste of fish and chips in a friendly environment. I sat there for about 1 or 2 hours had my lovely breakfast and resting after a long walk from the station.

After having my breakfast, I walked through the pathway near the market heading to the garden. Once again, I don’t know the name of the garden. Surrounded by a group of old-fashioned buildings, I walked through the quiet street with only a few couples or families passed me. With a clear blue sky above, I arrived in the park surrounded by green leaves. I felt so refresh and comfortable.

Then, I continued to walk back and went inside the Fremantle Market. I was so excited, not because wanting to shop. I just wanted to look what the inside of the market. And of course, bought some fruits as a snack during a walk.

When I stepped in, I found a lot of people walked through the shopping aisle. Lots of couples and families, and there is none of a solo traveler. But I felt very safe because based on my life experience, Australia gives the best security for all people, not restricted to tourists or citizens.

After that, I back to the road and continued the walk to the Freemantle Prison. For your information, I always go to this kind of place every time I go traveling. I love the historic places and get the feel. 

The detail of my story will be told in my vlog. Apologize that my vlog is in Indonesian, but if you need me to translate it into English, I will be very happy to do it for you. 

Thank you very much for reading and watching my video. Hope you enjoy it!

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