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How to Take Care the Fungi Plant in Miana

Find a lot of plant fungi in a favorite plant must shock our feeling. That was happening to me when I found some plant fungi on the stem of my Miana plant a few days ago. I did the propagation for my Miana by using a water medium, but I think I put it in the water too long. It was about 2 or 3 weeks duration. I know that is my fault and I try to find the solution to save my Miana plant.

The video below is my story about taking care of Miana plant that I posted some times ago. My video is in the Indonesian language. Please let me know if you need me to translate it into the English version.

Miana is a plant within the family Lamiaceae. It is also known as Coleus blumei, Plectranthusscutellarioides, or Ocimumscutellarioides. To make Miana grows well, we need to plant them in moist-drained soil and it will reach 0.5 to 2 meters. This plant is very pretty with a very attractive leaf color. However, based on my experience, it is not easy to take care Miana plant. Maybe because I live in a tropic country, which is of different origin from Miana.

Plant fungi is there!

Before it happens, I cut my stem of Miana plant because it grew in not proper shape, which makes the shape is like falling. It can damage the top of the stem. So, I cut it off and put the healthy stem in the water medium for propagation. The roots of the plant have grown after a week but I keep it in the water much longer with the hope the plant roots will grow more. That was my mistake! 

Fungi Plant Miana

I checked my Miana plant a few days ago and I found some white patches between roots. I bet those are the plant fungi. I was hysteric at first and I moved the plant to the planting medium straight away. Hopefully, it was not too late. During the planting process, I saw few fleas or small animals in the planting medium, whereas I am not sure what it is. Then, I continued to spray the planting medium and the leaf with insecticide to destroy the plant fungi and pests. The liquid can also maintain the plant healthy. After that, separate them from other plants to avoid the transmission of fungi and pests

The lesson learned for me is the propagation for Miana plant via water medium is only for a week or after the plant roots have already grown. After that, we should move the plant straight away to the planting medium to avoid fungal growth on the stems of the plant. But, after we found the plant fungi and pests, do not forget to give the vitamin and insecticide to cure them of the disease. 

Have you ever experience fungal plants in your lovely plants? Please share your story. Thanks for reading.

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