Goodbye Acne by POND’S

Hi all, We, as a woman, will get annoyed if pimples or acne occurred in the face without any permission. It will be very annoying because it will interfere the […]

Goodbye Fine Lines by Palmer’s

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The inside of the Fremantle Prison

Hi, In this blog, I will share my travel experience when I went to Perth, Australia few months ago. I love traveling and I try to have a short holiday […]

The Indonesian Healthy Food

Hi all, Actually, I already put the content for this post previously. But after I checked the post, the content is blank. I don’t know why.  Now, I rewrite about […]

Rest the Foot Conveniently

Hi all, What will you do to give your foot relaxation after wearing high heels for more than 8 hours or do a busy walking during the day? Sometimes, we […]

Slimmer Face Shape = Best Countour

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Smell Good as a Kid ?

Hi guys! Now, I’ll share to you about the brand that owned by kids and I like to use it. It’s Cusson Kids Cologne. I know that this is for […]

Keep Clean and Sanitizes by Carex

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The Easy Way to Get a Smooth Skin

Hi everyone, A smooth skin and moisturized skin are the factors that most women really care about. There will be lots of trial and error every month just to find […]

Lips Treatment by The Face Shop

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Getting Full in Pho 24 Restaurant

Hi everyone ….. Now, I’d like share my review of the restaurant that I visited last weekend. Pho 24. It is a Vietnamesse restaurant. This restaurant has so many branches […]

Glowing with only CC Cream

Hi everyone ! How to make the skin face glow with only one easy step? I tried too many skin treatment to make my skin glow and bright. I used […]

My Makeup Pouch on June

Hi everyone ! I am a typical woman who always addicted to cosmetics and ranges of skincare. I feel so empty everytime I forget to bring my makeup pouch. But, […]