Serial: Under Skin Tone and Your Makeup

Makeup is one of the essential tools for every woman. We feel incomplete if we go everywhere with no makeup. And we feel our current makeup always less complete, whereas makeup brands always produce new product range periodically for various beauty needs. I believe that we always want to keep our beauty exist everywhere weContinue reading “Serial: Under Skin Tone and Your Makeup”

Serial: Under Skin Tone in Clothing

It is a bit challenging while choosing the right colors for clothes. Because every people have the color selection based on their favorites. I love pink color for most of the items that I have, such as on clothes, makeup, bags, stationaries and other items. I will try hard to get that color. My secondContinue reading “Serial: Under Skin Tone in Clothing”

Serial – Under Skin Tone vs Blusher Colors

Hi, I’m back with the beauty serial of Under Skin Tone. In this post, I’d like to talk about choosing the right color of blusher based on Under Skin Tone guidance. Sometimes, we just choose the color based on our color interests or the place to apply the blusher in the face, such as inContinue reading “Serial – Under Skin Tone vs Blusher Colors”