Beauty Tips

Keep Your Skin Healthy during Traveling

To maintain the skin, especially the facial skin, we cannot distinguish it based on our activities. We have to do the same []


Colourfulness of the Eyeliner

How do minimize the fade of the eyeliner under the eye, which will create a dull look? Another makeup tools that can change your look in a second would be the eyeliner. This magic tool can make your eyes look bigger or even smaller. It also can make the eye get a better shape. In current days, I saw in the TV that there is a new trend of applying the eyeliner to get the the creative and unique look instead of []

A Night Skincare Treatment is Important OR NOT?

In order to have the facial skin keep healthy, we should never say no for the night skincare treatment even-though we are tired or just lazy to do it. So, we need to do the skincare treatment 24 hours in 7 days without any off time. As we live in the busy city with lots of daily activity, we sometimes do our routine everyday automatically, such as go to school or university, go for working and other things that need our time []

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