A Night Skincare Treatment is Important OR NOT?

In order to have the facial skin keep healthy, we should never say no for the night skincare treatment even-though we are tired or just lazy to do it. So, we need to do the skincare treatment 24 hours in 7 days without any off time. As we live in the busy city with lotsContinue reading “A Night Skincare Treatment is Important OR NOT?”

Tips to Use the “too-white” Powder

Powder will be the most important makeup that should be used everyday, especially for women. There won’t be complete if we do not finish our makeup with powder, even-though there is the current trend of not using the powder but just the BB cream instead to have a glowing face. For me, powder is stillContinue reading “Tips to Use the “too-white” Powder”

The 7 Skin Method. Yes or No?

The 7 Skin Method is currently popular in the beauty world, which is originated from Korea. This trick is really help you to get the glowing skin by only applying one single product on the face during the phase of skincare treatment. What is exactly the 7 Skin Method? The meaning of skin in KoreaContinue reading “The 7 Skin Method. Yes or No?”