Hari Pertama Pesan Kulina | Vlog

Daya tahan tubuh sangat berkaitan dengan asupan makanan. Karena inilah, saya memastikan asupan makanan saya sudah sesuai agar memliki daya tahan tubuh yang prima. Karena itulah, saya mencoba untuk pertama kalinya, Kulina. Kesan saya dapat langsung dilihat di video saya.

Get Healthy by Eating One Piece of Granola Cookies During Snack Time

Eat fast and act fast are the habits that face by most people who live in the busy city and do lots of hectic works. We have to do anything fast or we have left behind. The fast pace behavior that we experience while living in the busy city make us think fast of whateverContinue reading “Get Healthy by Eating One Piece of Granola Cookies During Snack Time”

Enjoy the moment in “Village Coffee and Kitchen” Cafe

To boost the best ideas come out from our brain, sometimes we just need the comfort place for us just to sit and relax. The brain condition may reflect our act for the day, including thinking, working or even it can create the mood. A mute or a quite cafe is my favorite spot toContinue reading “Enjoy the moment in “Village Coffee and Kitchen” Cafe”