Enjoy My Day in Blacklisted

I really addicted to any kind of coffees and fillet of fish for my dishes. I don’t know why I prefer to have a cup of hot cappuccino after eating as I know this is not healthy but I love it so much. And I also love just sit in the cafe doing my paperContinue reading “Enjoy My Day in Blacklisted”

Review : Varieties of Vegetable in Loving Hut

I’d like to share my story about the vegetarian restaurant that my father and I like to visit. This restaurant is one of our favorite. Loving Hut. It is a healthy organic cuisine. We used to buy in Lotte Avenue, Jakarta or by delivery ordered. I don’t know what other countries that have Loving HutContinue reading “Review : Varieties of Vegetable in Loving Hut”

All About the Lost Food

I really love foods and a coffee. I know that there are not matched at all! But I always finish my foods with anykind of hot coffees. I feel complete enough to warm my stomach. I miss this salted fish fried rice. In Jakarta, I rarely find the fried rice with Jambal fish in anyContinue reading “All About the Lost Food”