Delicious Padang Cuisines

No one deny that everybody loves food, any kind of foods. You can see from the fact that everywhere we are traveling to other cities or countries, we will try the local food. Sometimes, we spend few days just to do the culinary journey. Because in every region, they have the typical food with aContinue reading “Delicious Padang Cuisines”

It’s About Sweet Cute Cakes in JJ Royal Brasseries

Hi everyone, In this post, I just want to share my experience to spend my me time during weekend or sometimes during weekdays. In my previous posts, I told that the place and the environment would be some of the factors that influence me the most in choosing the best places to spend my day.Continue reading “It’s About Sweet Cute Cakes in JJ Royal Brasseries”

Enjoy the weekend at Por Qué No Restaurant

Where can we find the comfort place with a great view to spend the weekend? Do you ever feel bored sitting in the restaurant or cafe at the mall during weekend? I do. Sometimes, I feel bored and need another places to go on Saturday with less crowd. I like to spend my time inContinue reading “Enjoy the weekend at Por Qué No Restaurant”