The Perfect Place for a Me Time?

Hi all, In this post, I will talk about the meaning of a me time that most of people might need it. It is the time spent that a person requires for relaxing, working by themselves, setting up the good mood, reducing stress, restore the energy or just to pamper yourself. ┬áThat might be myContinue reading “The Perfect Place for a Me Time?”

The Benefits of Seaweed

Hi all,  I’m back with a sharing information about eating seaweed. I know that not all people like it and some people couldn’t eat it at all with the reason of a fishy taste. Usually, seaweed served with sushi or put it in the soup in the Japanese restaurant. But, sometimes people like to eatContinue reading “The Benefits of Seaweed”

What about some Indonesian Foods?

Hi all, I love to try any foods from various countries, such as Japan, Korea, Italy, Indonesia, India, China, and others. Because different countries have different tastes and appetite. And the cooking types are also different and varies. Every countries have its own specialties and uniqueness. And I like to try all of them. IndonesiaContinue reading “What about some Indonesian Foods?”