Review – Orange Feel So Good

Hi everyone, The comfort ambience or a convenience environment can create the best mood for most people and also can boost the concentration. That’s my opinion. I have some experiences in getting my mood back by sitting in the chosen comfort places for hours or finishing my tasks in only 2 hours. I used toContinue reading “Review – Orange Feel So Good”

The Indonesian Healthy Food

Hi all, Actually, I already put the content for this post previously. But after I checked the post, the content is blank. I don’t know why.  Now, I rewrite about the Indonesian food that we had last weekend. As we know that most of Indonesian food are very tasty and each of food have differentContinue reading “The Indonesian Healthy Food”

Getting Full in Pho 24 Restaurant

Hi everyone ….. Now, I’d like share my review of the restaurant that I visited last weekend. Pho 24. It is a Vietnamesse restaurant. This restaurant has so many branches in Jakarta. So, it won’t be difficult to find it. I visited Pho 24 in Lotte Avenue. I like the places as it was notContinue reading “Getting Full in Pho 24 Restaurant”