Looking like a clown would be the scariest thing that will be happened to most woman, especially if we wear a heavy make-up during the day time. Absolutely, lots of people will scream if they see us wearing a strong contrast color in our face. Otherwise, color is the most important thing in fashion andContinue reading “[Review] : FACE RECIPE TRI-ME EYE SHADOW”

Review : Jill Beauty Eyebrow Pencil

The wrecked color and broken shape of eyebrows would be the most dangerous thing for most women. As we know that eyebrows can talk much rather than the facial powder, which means that we can depend on the eyebrows shape only and using less make-up to get the proper look for work or go toContinue reading “Review : Jill Beauty Eyebrow Pencil”

Welcoming the Healthier Lips with My Two Favorite Products

Hello all, I am so so sorry for the absence in writing my reviews on beauty products and traveling. Actually, I plan to change the content to video instead of writing because people tend to see the visual rather than writing nowadays. But, I still want to write. And it was ended with the confusionContinue reading “Welcoming the Healthier Lips with My Two Favorite Products”