A Unique Natural Color by MAC Lipstic

Natural color is the best color, especially for a lipstick color. Why? Because it might look like a ‘no makeup look’ and the whole face will shine naturally. The nude color is my favorite color, eventhough I supposed to put the bright color instead as I have the Cool Underskin Tone. I prefer to wearContinue reading “A Unique Natural Color by MAC Lipstic”

My Daily Perfume Stick by Zara

A fragrance is always be the one of tools for women in showering our aura everyday. The perfume is varies based on people personality, mood and also depend on the events. If we want to express the happy feeling during the day, as the example, we prefer to have the fresh perfume. However, we preferContinue reading “My Daily Perfume Stick by Zara”

A Month After Using Soothing Gel from the SAEM

Previously, I have reviewed the Jeju Fresh Aloe Shoothing Gel from the SAEM that can be reviewed in this LINK. That was my impression after using it in a few days. As I mentioned in my previous post, this shooting gel has numbers of benefits, which are to support in making the skin healthy andContinue reading “A Month After Using Soothing Gel from the SAEM”