Review : Bath & Body Works

I love my body always feel fresh and moistured. Every 2 hours I continually spray the body spray and put the body lotion on to change my mood. Haha ! That’s why I always bring the small package of those everytime I go. It not heavy and simple to put in my make up pouch.Continue reading “Review : Bath & Body Works”

Review : Perfume Stick by the Faceshop

Who doesn’t like this cute little Japanesse or Korean doll like this ? I do. Honestly, when I first looked at this cute little thing, I thought it’ll be cute when I bring this in the bag and used this everytime I need. Haha …. I thought this is the perfume for room or toilet.Continue reading “Review : Perfume Stick by the Faceshop”

A Hand Sanitizer as A Perfume?

Honestly, I am addicted to anykind of hand sanitizer. Sometimes I feel that my palm is really sticky without any reason. Beside for sanitizing my hand, I use this as a perfume as well. Kidding ya ? Absolutely NOPE. I’m serious, especially when I’m traveling or there was a small space for make up inContinue reading “A Hand Sanitizer as A Perfume?”