Review : Concentrated Cream – PALMER’S

I am very addicted to lotion or cream that are able to moisturised my skin every minutes. When I traveled to Sydney, Australia, I found this cute tube in the airport. It is concentrated cream from PALMER’S that consists Vitamin E and it can softens and relieves rough, dry skin. I used to apply thisContinue reading “Review : Concentrated Cream – PALMER’S”

Review : Purifying Mask PALMER’S

A weekly mask is a weekly routine especially for women. The fresh face is required for a daily basis though. And the right mask should be used for getting the maximum result. I will share my experience on using my weekly mask. I use to apply a face mask twice a week, which are onContinue reading “Review : Purifying Mask PALMER’S”

Review : Cream Stick Blusher the SAEM

As a woman, if you want to look fresh in the middle of the day, you better put the blush on. It’s only my thought. But, I do that every single day. My key of freshness would be the blush on.  In this blog, I’ll review my blush on that I always use for work.Continue reading “Review : Cream Stick Blusher the SAEM”