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Category: Stories

Rest the Foot Conveniently

Hi all, What will you do to give your foot relaxation after wearing high heels for more than 8 hours or do a busy walking during the day? Sometimes, we […]

The Natural Medicine for Healthy Body

Hi friends, A weather and a polution are the most factors that can change the body health, especially for me. My body easily get dropped everytime the weather changed, I […]

What to do before you Travel

Hi everyone,  As I mentioned earlier, I really love to travel. I am addicted to it. I love to explore some new things and find the unique ones and get […]

A Quick Lunch in Bangkok

Hi All, I am back again with my culinary experience while I visited Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is the busy city with lots of business happening. The traffic jam was also […]


Hi everyone,  I am so excited that I achieved 100 followers for my blog. I am so happy as a newbie to bloging, I hope this will be the best […]


Hi everyone, As a new blogger, I want to share my happiness of getting 500 likes for my blog posts. Thank you so much for your support friends. I am […]

My Foods While In Perth

Hi friends, During traveling, I like to take a walk instead of using the public transportation. I enjoy the clean air along the way with less polution and very convenience […]

6 Hours in Sydney CBD

Sydney, as in my opinion, it is the crowd city to live. There are lots of tourist come to Sydney, especially in CBD. There are also thousands tourist attraction that […]

Chicken Katsu For Lunch ?

 Hello friends, My blog posts are mostly talking about my experience in traveling, beauty products and foods. Why? Because I really love those three. Those are my life and my […]

I Left My Heart in Melbourne

Hi everyone! In my story today, I will talk about the city that I love the most. Melbourne. I get attracted to this city since I was in junior high […]

Refreshment of the Heart

The combination of a blue sky, green colours of grass and fertile trees give me the peaceful feeling. A clear sound of birds singing with no mixed with the sound […]

A Ghost Tour in Port Arthur

I still talked about my trip while I was in Hobart, Tasmania. I still amaze with this city. The city is so quite if comparing to Melbourne and Sydney. However, […]