Weekend Vibes – Make Your Hobbies as Your Bank

Working with passion will be the dream for most people to fill their long last happiness. But can we deal with some []


How do I feel when I have nominated for Liebster Award

The blogger award is the award that is given by bloggers to bloggers. There are many types of awards are exist and being accepted by bloggers. How can this kind of awards give the motivation for bloggers to share our experiences through blogs and vlogs? One of the awards that I have been awarded is LIEBSTER award. Thanks to Live Eat Colour who was nominating me for this award a month ago. Her blog is very interesting for me as she talks []

Happy New Year 2018

Dear my dearest friends, In this post, I would like to say Happy New Year 2018. Keep welcoming the new chapter of life in 2018, start with a good intention and achieve your dream! Focusing what you do and exploring what you may need. Own your happiness and share it with the people around you. Happy New Year! -Niken-

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