Travel Itinerary

My Fave Things to Do During Transit

I hate waiting ! I know ….. and I used to say those words especially if I took the flight with budget airlines. I usually took 3 to 8 hours just for transit. Oh well, after experience with this matter after years, I find my favorite things to do to kill the bore with no shopping allowed. Food – I usually arrived at the airport 5 hours before the departure time. Then, I had lunch or dinner after I checked in and []


A “Transit” Feeling

I never thought that the situation in this airport will be surrounded by birds. Most of the cafes close. I couldn’t find any lounges that stated in the website. Oh well, maybe I got the wrong link …. I have a flight goes to Perth, Australia from Bali at 7 AM. I arrived in Bali around 1 AM local time, which means that I’ve to wait for about 5 hours !!!!! It’s fine with me though. I can see the beauty of []

Cute things in Universal Studio Osaka

Sesungguhnya, aku bukan tipe orang yang suka dengan tempat permainan seperti ini. Aku lebih memilih untuk mencoba cafe baru dan duduk berjam-jam sambil menikmati kopi dan kentang goreng. Kawasan miniatur Harry Potter serta wahana permainannya yang membuat aku penasaran ingin mencobanya. Universal Studio JapanĀ terletak di area Osaka Bay dan 5 menit ditempuh dari Universal City station (JR Ymesaki Line / JR Sakurajima Line). Harga tiket masuk lumayan mahal, 7,600 Yen (sekitar Rp. 912,000) untuk one day pass dan 12,800 Yen (sekitar Rp. []

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