Tips to do a SMART Traveling

Hi all, Have a nice Saturday all. Today, I want to share my experience to do smart traveling, especially to get the best price for airline ticket and hotel voucher. It would be so fun if we are able to do traveling twice a year or even more. Because we should have a time refreshmentContinue reading “Tips to do a SMART Traveling”

The Peaceful City – Kyoto

Hi everyone, As we know that Japan is one of most favorite countries to be visited by most tourists in all over the world in the holiday season, especially Indonesian tourists. Why? Because this country has a strong cultural value that are expressed in their building, including temples, castle and other general building. We alsoContinue reading “The Peaceful City – Kyoto”

Understand more about Transportation Cards

Hi all, During traveling, I always prepare lots of detail information in order to avoid of getting lost, such as the information about the main roads and what’s in there, places of attraction, typical culinary in that area, transportation modes within the city or out of town and other information that important to be consideredContinue reading “Understand more about Transportation Cards”