Having the Chewy Bread in Turkey

As a beauty blogger, the things that I won’t forget to bring during traveling are the skincare products and cosmetics. And as a travel blogger, I always curious to try local foods and beverages everywhere I travel. Basically, every city and country have their own typical foods and beverages, which sometimes we could not findContinue reading “Having the Chewy Bread in Turkey”

What’s in Topkapi Palace?

The old town of Istanbul is still the hot topic of my post. This post would be the second post after “Get Frozen in the Old Town of Istanbul“. The old town will still the focal point in every city in the world or it can be said that there are a lot of touristContinue reading “What’s in Topkapi Palace?”

Get Frozen in the Old Town of Istanbul

Turkey Honestly, visiting this country was beyond my expectation. During my religious journey (Umrah) on last March – April 2019, I did not plan to visit Turkey as my initial visit. I just planned to go to Madinah and Mecca directly and focus on my worship. However, my plan has changed. Prior to Mecca andContinue reading “Get Frozen in the Old Town of Istanbul”