Serial (Surakarta) : Instagramable Spot in Lembah Semilir

Traveling is my other favorite thing to do beside doing the skincare routine. There won’t be a limitation of the travel destination as long as they have a fresh air and interesting sceneries. The peaceful feeling will follow the destination aura and the good mood will be existed.   Few months ago, I went toContinue reading “Serial (Surakarta) : Instagramable Spot in Lembah Semilir”

Singapore Serial: Enjoy activities in Orchard Road, instead of SHOPPING

Singapore is famous with Orchard area, which contains lots of shops that can be explored. This place will be a heaven for all shopping lovers. Because of this image, my first thought was Orchard are is only contain variety of shops, restaurants and cafes. There are nothing that can be gathered from this area, exceptContinue reading “Singapore Serial: Enjoy activities in Orchard Road, instead of SHOPPING”

Singapore Serial : My First Time Food while in Singapore

Every city has its own uniqueness, in terms of foods, beverages, places, cultures or even people. We never know those uniqueness, if we never get engaged in each situation. These differentiation will be the useful sources for the interesting story creation or even the memorable experience.  Try the new things is my favorite hobby whileContinue reading “Singapore Serial : My First Time Food while in Singapore”