Singapore Serial : Enjoying the time in Starbucks

If you do traveling for work, spending about one hour in the comfort place is very important. I know it is not common for some people, but it works well for me in balancing the holiday moment and do some working tasks. How did I do that and how? For me, traveling means a workContinue reading “Singapore Serial : Enjoying the time in Starbucks”

Singapore Serial : Explore Chinatown for 2 hours

Chinatown area in every city often famous with culinary, a night market and the souvenirs with the best price. Sometimes, people spent their time in Chinatown area for a day just to enjoy various culinary and do some shopping. This area is one of the attractive area to be visited. How about if you onlyContinue reading “Singapore Serial : Explore Chinatown for 2 hours”

Singapore Serial : Get the Peaceful Feeling in Gardens by the Bay

In order to get a calm heart, we should be in the place that has a good aura to be absorbed in ourselves to get the comfort feeling. Different people will have different ways to gain that good aura. For instance, beaches, mountain, cafes, malls, city atmosphere and gardens will be the places that mostContinue reading “Singapore Serial : Get the Peaceful Feeling in Gardens by the Bay”