The Foods & Drinks that Can’t be Missed while in Australia

During traveling, there will be some memorable factors that can’t be missed or even forgotten. Based on my experiences, the wonderful scenery, antique or unique buildings, clean environment and culinary are the things that won’t be missed for visiting. Even though, there must be some differences for each destination. In this post, I’d like toContinue reading “The Foods & Drinks that Can’t be Missed while in Australia”

Understand more about Transportation Cards

Hi all, During traveling, I always prepare lots of detail information in order to avoid of getting lost, such as the information about the main roads and what’s in there, places of attraction, typical culinary in that area, transportation modes within the city or out of town and other information that important to be consideredContinue reading “Understand more about Transportation Cards”

Hobart City at Night

I was about curious about the night life in Hobart, Australia. Honestly, at the first night my friend and I shocked because most of the restaurants were closed at night. We stayed in the hotel in CBD and we thought that we were easy to find the restaurant to have dinner. Believe it or not,Continue reading “Hobart City at Night”