Goodbye Blackheads by Biore Pore Pack

For most women, when we say that we want to do the beauty treatment or a skin treatment, it means that we want to make our skin super healthy, well-moisturized, less wrinkled, shiny or even glowing. We will do any types of skin treatment steps from beauty experts or beauty bloggers or beauty vloggers toContinue reading “Goodbye Blackheads by Biore Pore Pack”

Unique Indonesian Handicraft Products

Based on geospatial survey between 2007 to 2010, Indonesia has 13,466 islands and each island has subdivision level (Province, Regency, District and Village). Every island has different cultures and behaviour. And those differentiation express through the dance, fashion, and handicraft products. Those are very unique and creative. They usually show them in the home industryContinue reading “Unique Indonesian Handicraft Products”