Review : Pure Rouge Blusher by LAKME 9TO5

Having a thin face shape is every woman in the world’s dream. Why? Because, usually a woman, who has a sharp face shape, will show a strong face character and there will be lots of easiness in applying the make-up. However, there are not all women have a sharp face shape and some of themContinue reading “Review : Pure Rouge Blusher by LAKME 9TO5”

How to Look Brighter during Tiring Moment (Video Version)

The brighter look on our facial skin will shower the freshness on ours even though we are on a super tiring moment. How can we apply it in easy way? This content would be different from previous contents. I will combine the written and video version, which I thought that the visual thing would beContinue reading “How to Look Brighter during Tiring Moment (Video Version)”

Serial – Under Skin Tone vs Blusher Colors

Hi, I’m back with the beauty serial of Under Skin Tone. In this post, I’d like to talk about choosing the right color of blusher based on Under Skin Tone guidance. Sometimes, we just choose the color based on our color interests or the place to apply the blusher in the face, such as inContinue reading “Serial – Under Skin Tone vs Blusher Colors”