Kulit Tangan Jadi Kering Karena Cuci Tangan Terus

Kulit tangan menjadi kering merupakan hal yang wajar karena kita kerap melakukan cuci tangan. Hal tersebut harus tetap dilakukan, tapi bagaimana caranya agar kulit tangan tetap terjaga kondisinya.

4 Skincare Products that Can’t Leave Without during Fasting Period

The hot weather and less humidity will affect our skin condition automatically. We won’t realize it when we got hit by the sun. In order to have the healthy skin continuously, we have to do some skincare treatment either directly or periodically. The weather condition is one of the factors that can give a lotContinue reading “4 Skincare Products that Can’t Leave Without during Fasting Period”

SPAPharma Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream

The skin dryness will be the potential thing to be happened to our skin, especially if we do the rough work during the day or as the affection of the polution. Can the body lotion able to solve this problem? In general, the body lotion can be used as the moisturizer for our skin asContinue reading “SPAPharma Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream”