Keep Moisturized Your Skin during a LONG HOLIDAY!

Having a moisturized body skin is really important, which is not only for women but also for men. It is not about the beauty, but it is for the healthy skin purpose. The skin will be protected from drought and will have the chewy skin instead. As we know that our skin always face varietyContinue reading “Keep Moisturized Your Skin during a LONG HOLIDAY!”

The Easy Way to Get a Smooth Skin

Hi everyone, A smooth skin and moisturized skin are the factors that most women really care about. There will be lots of trial and error every month just to find the best body lotion that is able to moisturize body skin for the whole day with no skin iritation. In this June, I try PALMER’SContinue reading “The Easy Way to Get a Smooth Skin”

Review : Vaseline Body Lotion

Hi friends, In this post, I will share about my almost empty of skincare bottle. I always put body lotion in my body skin especially after shower while the skin is damp. I feel that the damp skin can easily absorb the applied lotion. Then, my skin is very moisturize after a second of theContinue reading “Review : Vaseline Body Lotion”