Beauty Routines on a weekend

Hi everyone, For me, the weekend time is a heaven, especially to do the beauty routines. After tiring days during weekdays, facial skin need special treatments at the end of the week, which are Saturday and Sunday. I usually do the skincare treatment every Wednesday and Sunday. I choose Wednesday, because it is in theContinue reading “Beauty Routines on a weekend”

Review: Facial Cleansing Brush – Modelsprefer

Hello, I’m back again with my review on facial cleansing brush that I used everyday from Modelsprefer. Previously, I use hand or a non-electric brush to clean my face. It was OK but I need more effective tools to clean my face until its pores. When I went to Perth, Australia, I found the electricContinue reading “Review: Facial Cleansing Brush – Modelsprefer”