Sharing the Business Information through Website

In this post, I want to talk about doing the business by using the Website. Actually, this is my next post after “Using Social Media for Business” that you can see through this LINK. I know that most people are already using the Website and I want to share my experience on this kind ofContinue reading “Sharing the Business Information through Website”

Using Social Media for Business

This post is answering my friend’s question in setting up the social media for selling products. We already know that a lot of people are using social media as the powerful tool to share their daily stories to their connections, sharing their experiences, telling about some information or just do some posting without any purposes.Continue reading “Using Social Media for Business”

Start the Business by Building Cute Booths

Japan always come up with unique and creative ideas in every business. We need that idea when we start a business to attract consumers come to your store or office and build in with the services. When I visited Osaka, Japan, I find many creative booths and food trucks that offered ice cream, meals, beverages,Continue reading “Start the Business by Building Cute Booths”