Jogja Rasa Eropa (Vlog)

Cafe Brick di Yogyakarta, memberikan kesan Eropa ketika kami masik ke dalam cafe tersebut. Tatanan interior dan makanan tang disajikan memperkuat kesan Eropa tersebut.

Enjoy the moment in “Village Coffee and Kitchen” Cafe

To boost the best ideas come out from our brain, sometimes we just need the comfort place for us just to sit and relax. The brain condition may reflect our act for the day, including thinking, working or even it can create the mood. A mute or a quite cafe is my favorite spot toContinue reading “Enjoy the moment in “Village Coffee and Kitchen” Cafe”

Singapore Serial : Enjoying the time in Starbucks

If you do traveling for work, spending about one hour in the comfort place is very important. I know it is not common for some people, but it works well for me in balancing the holiday moment and do some working tasks. How did I do that and how? For me, traveling means a workContinue reading “Singapore Serial : Enjoying the time in Starbucks”