Get the Energy Back

Hi again everyone, Hopefully, you won’t get bored with my story about my favorite place to refresh my mood and get my energy back. Blacklisted Cafe. I did my review on my previous post though. And I re-review this cafe but with a different menu.  I love to go to Lotte Avenue as this mallContinue reading “Get the Energy Back”

The Perfect Louisiana Rub Chicken Flavor

Hi Everyone, Food is always the best thing to explore and to discuss. I love food and I love the place to eat as well. For me the taste of food can be reflected from the environment of the place we seat and enjoy the food.  Chicken will be another story for me. Any kindContinue reading “The Perfect Louisiana Rub Chicken Flavor”

Chicken Katsu For Lunch ?

 Hello friends, My blog posts are mostly talking about my experience in traveling, beauty products and foods. Why? Because I really love those three. Those are my life and my soul. I’ll get recharge whenever I experience with all of those and share them with you. Currently, I had delicious lunch in the campus canteenContinue reading “Chicken Katsu For Lunch ?”