The Perfect Place for a Me Time?

Hi all, In this post, I will talk about the meaning of a me time that most of people might need it. It is the time spent that a person requires for relaxing, working by themselves, setting up the good mood, reducing stress, restore the energy or just to pamper yourself. ┬áThat might be myContinue reading “The Perfect Place for a Me Time?”

Review – Orange Feel So Good

Hi everyone, The comfort ambience or a convenience environment can create the best mood for most people and also can boost the concentration. That’s my opinion. I have some experiences in getting my mood back by sitting in the chosen comfort places for hours or finishing my tasks in only 2 hours. I used toContinue reading “Review – Orange Feel So Good”

Get the Energy Back

Hi again everyone, Hopefully, you won’t get bored with my story about my favorite place to refresh my mood and get my energy back. Blacklisted Cafe. I did my review on my previous post though. And I re-review this cafe but with a different menu.  I love to go to Lotte Avenue as this mallContinue reading “Get the Energy Back”