My Experience Staying at Kerta Family Bed and Breakfast

Being loved and being peaceful would be two of desired feelings that most people have dream of. Sometimes, we cannot have them from our close relatives but they are delivered from our our acquaintance who have the same tone with us. Don’t be sad if the reality is not the same as our expectation. ItContinue reading “My Experience Staying at Kerta Family Bed and Breakfast”

Enjoy the moment in “Village Coffee and Kitchen” Cafe

To boost the best ideas come out from our brain, sometimes we just need the comfort place for us just to sit and relax. The brain condition may reflect our act for the day, including thinking, working or even it can create the mood. A mute or a quite cafe is my favorite spot toContinue reading “Enjoy the moment in “Village Coffee and Kitchen” Cafe”

Get Your Comfort at Brownbag Cafe

Cafe is my favorite place to relax or even to do some deadlines. The environment can motivate our heart and brain to finish our tasks faster rather than sitting in our common favorite places, such as our lovely home or other cafes or restaurants that we used to hangout every week. The cafe don’t haveContinue reading “Get Your Comfort at Brownbag Cafe”