Review Madame Gie (Video)

Produk lokal Indonesia saat ini sangat beragam dan banyak sekali pilihannya, termasuk produk Madame Gie. Di vlog saya ini, saya akan menceritakan atau review produk-produk Madame Gie yang saya beli. Semoga membantu kalian dalam memilih.

Review : Pure Rouge Blusher by LAKME 9TO5

Having a thin face shape is every woman in the world’s dream. Why? Because, usually a woman, who has a sharp face shape, will show a strong face character and there will be lots of easiness in applying the make-up. However, there are not all women have a sharp face shape and some of themContinue reading “Review : Pure Rouge Blusher by LAKME 9TO5”

Express Your Shape by Contouring

In everyday look, most ladies will always concern about how they can give the best shape and outlook especially in their face shape. Some of them took the surgery just to have the better shape for every single part of their face, such as nose, jaw, cheek, chin, eyes, and other parts that they wantContinue reading “Express Your Shape by Contouring”