Enjoy the moment in “Village Coffee and Kitchen” Cafe

To boost the best ideas come out from our brain, sometimes we just need the comfort place for us just to sit and relax. The brain condition may reflect our act for the day, including thinking, working or even it can create the mood. A mute or a quite cafe is my favorite spot toContinue reading “Enjoy the moment in “Village Coffee and Kitchen” Cafe”

Enjoy the Day at The Cutt Grilled House

By sitting in the right place, our moods will change automatically. Do you agree with that? The restaurant or cafe are one of the favorite places to be chosen for most people in current days. There are a lot of people prefer to have a meeting in those places instead of at the office. OrContinue reading “Enjoy the Day at The Cutt Grilled House”

Singapore Serial: Enjoy the Time in RONIN

In having the convenience feeling during the leisure time, sometime we need the place that offer the comfortable atmosphere. We can find thousands of these places but there are only few cafes and restaurants that are able to keep us stay there for hours. How we choose it? I will tell the story again whenContinue reading “Singapore Serial: Enjoy the Time in RONIN”