Singapore Serial – Get Lost in Chinese Garden

Understanding a lot of cultures is very important. By knowing the soul of each culture, we will do some respect to the culture itself and also to the individual. It will create the peaceful feeling naturally and also have a united citizen. The thing is how to get more than one culture in one placeContinue reading “Singapore Serial – Get Lost in Chinese Garden”

The Peaceful City – Kyoto

Hi everyone, As we know that Japan is one of most favorite countries to be visited by most tourists in all over the world in the holiday season, especially Indonesian tourists. Why? Because this country has a strong cultural value that are expressed in their building, including temples, castle and other general building. We alsoContinue reading “The Peaceful City – Kyoto”

My Journey in Grand Palace Bangkok

Grand Palace is one of destinations that attract most tourists in Bangkok, Thailand. This is a complex of buildings and the Palace itself has been the official residence of the Kings of Siam since 1782 until 1925 in grounds of the Palace. Most of tourists visit Grand Palace to explore more about the culture andContinue reading “My Journey in Grand Palace Bangkok”